The Power of Asking the Right Questions: A Creator’s Guide

Have you ever felt like you’ve been walking through a maze, only to find out that you’ve been tracing the wrong path all along? Or like you’ve been knocking on a door, waiting for it to open, only to realize you’ve been standing at the back entrance? This is exactly how it feels when you’re asking all the wrong questions.

I’ve been there, trust me. Night after sleepless night, I pondered: How do I sell my paintings? How do I market my books? It felt like shouting into a void, hoping for an echo but hearing nothing. Those questions, as sincere as they were, turned out to be the wrong ones. They generated a plethora of solutions, but none truly hit the mark. Why? Because they missed the very essence of what I was trying to achieve.

Let’s pivot for a moment and focus on the questions that actually matter:

1) Is my book/painting genuinely astounding?
Dive deep. Does your work ignite emotions? Does it prompt conversations? If it does, why? Can you articulate that? If it doesn’t, take a step back and ponder. Why are you trying to sell something that even you aren’t fully convinced about? Before you go out into the world asking others to invest in your creation, make sure it’s something you’d buy in a heartbeat.

2) Am I a captivating individual whom others are drawn to?
This isn’t about narcissism or baseless self-praise. It’s about understanding and harnessing your unique essence. Are you a magnetic personality? Do people gravitate towards you, keen to know your thoughts, seeking your perspective? If not, it’s time for introspection.

Being a successful artist or writer isn’t just about producing great work. It’s about being someone who, through their essence, can spark curiosity and engagement. People don’t just buy a painting; they buy a piece of the artist. Readers don’t just buy a book; they invest in a journey with the author.

So instead of asking how to sell your creations, ask how you can become a more resonant, vibrant version of yourself. The art of selling, after all, isn’t just about transactions. It’s about forging connections, stirring emotions, and making your audience feel they’re not just acquiring an object, but a fragment of a soul.

Chase answers to these questions. In their depths, you’ll find a map that guides you not only to commercial success but also to personal growth and gratification. Because at the end of the day, the right questions lead to the right doors. And behind the right doors? That’s where the magic happens.

These are the right questions:

1) Is my book/painting absolutely, totally incredible?

If so why? If not, why are you trying to sell them?

2) Am I an electrifying, fascinating personality that people respect and want to get closer to?

If not, you should be. Focus on developing  your answers to these two questions.

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