AI artwork for SEO and blogging

AI artwork for SEO and blogging

Had a fun thought today about using AI text to image prompt generators to make AI art for SEO and web traffic. It’s short, but bear with me as I list some more general points.

AI art for blogging and featured images

There are some ongoing legal and moral issues about how you can/should use AI art, but the main thing to keep in mind (I think) is that big companies are already on board: including stock photo sites, big art sites like DeviantArt, and even Nvidia. But the biggest use case for bloggers, is making branded featured images. Imagine a blog where the header and all the featured images had a unique, cool style. You can generate hundreds of images and have them ready to go in WordPress for new articles. I actually just did this for a new project I’m not ready to share yet, but will link once it’s ready.

AI art for free stock photo sites

Right now stock photo sites are deciding how to react to AI art, but it’s also true everybody is always searching for free stock photos and a bunch of wordpress plugins import from pexels and unsplash automatically. Unfortunately, users are recommended to link back to the host, rather than your own website, but you could get a bit of brand recognition (I know a guy who always shows up first for general pics of entrepreneurs and is used on tons of websites).

You *could* later reverse image search everyone who has used your images, and ask if they’d link to your site as well. Selling AI art on stock photo sites is a bit more complex at the moment, but already there are some new stock sites and many companies are scrambling to accommodate the new technology or make their own version.

AI art for digital downloads and printables

There’s always a ton of demand for logos, templates and businessy stuff: you could set up a page to host all that sought-for content, or even sell printables like coloring book pages and posters. I plan to do this for tattoos specifically, with (maybe) print on demand fake tattoo stickers or just flash art.

AI art for SEO content

So here’s the really interesting one: AI art is good enough to be its own content. So rather than writing articles, you can just rank for the images people are searching for: again, tattoos is a good one, people are just looking for inspiration, and having lots of ideas and variations on my page is enough to get and keep traffic as they browse.

It even makes some new things possible: there’s a high DA website I think is a cute idea but had no content for it, because it’s definitely meant for images. I could have tried to collect or buy similar images to build it up, but that’s overwhelming. With AI art I can generate a few hundred images in a weekend. Now you have a site that earns backlinks and traffic because of quickly sourced art, that’s non commercial and just plain awesome. So now I’m tempted to pull the trigger and build that out, even though it’s just a fun idea, because I do have a content-based blog in the same field so driving traffic to one could boost the real money site.

Is it legal to use AI art?

Technically yes, and I don’t expect that to change, though each platform will have its own rules and you should read carefully and be aware of the controversy surrounding AI art. I’ll have a much longer philosophical response to everything soon as a creative entrepreneur.

Like always, some people will take more risks in unproven grounds that are gray areas, and like always, consumers will decide what content has value for them. AI art and what it means for humanity is a big and sensitive topic, but for online sales and marketing, whichever images get the most clicks and conversion will probably outweigh most other considerations, which means someone else in your field or industry is already getting ahead.

PS. I don’t always talk business and entrepreneur stuff on this blog, but here’s the tool I use for free SEO keyword research.