A Crash Course in Book Marketing

I made this for an event recently, it was a handout – decided to post it here in case it’s helpful…

#1 Write a book people want to read.

#2 Connect with influencers or other authors in your genre/topic. Review their books. Share their stuff. Comment on their posts. Get noticed.

#3 Set up a website that catches emails. Run a rafflecopter or giveaway with something only your ideal readers would love; promote on Facebook. Also do guest posting/blogging. Grow your list quickly.

#4 Make a prequel or standalone short that you can give away. Give it away on your website; also publish it on Amazon. This is your “loss leader” – in the back it will offer something of more value to get people to sign up to your list.


  • Send the book out to reviewers; beacons in your field, authorities, other authors (hopefully they know who you are by now). Ask them for a review or blurb. Ask 100 people; you might get 10. Don’t be afraid to ask big, you’ll be surprised who says yes.
  • Put the blurbs all over your book and landing page/Amazon page.
  • Launch the book and promote it with guest posts and content – be everywhere the first week.
  • Build a “Dream Team” of promoters who will hep you promote your book, offer them big prizes for who can sell the most.
  • Offer package prizes for people who buy in bulk (if you have a print book as well).
  • If you have a big platform, you can do this.
  • If you don’t have a big platform yet: quote a bunch of people in your book, then let them know you’ve quoted them and ask them to help share it.


  • Make an ebook only. Price it at free; use ebook booster or other promo sites to get it everywhere. Get 10,000 downloads. Ask for reviews in the back of the book.
  • After the book has a 20+ or more reviews, price it at 99cents. Hit the #1 slot in the free and paid section of your category. You can raise the price up to $3.99, but you’ll be sacrificing sales (I like to leave it cheap until I have 100 reviews – then make a print book and ‘updated edition’).

I plan to write and publish 100 books this year

I’ll be building resources to help indie authors publish and market their books, such as a “21 Day Bestselling Author Platform” course, and genre-specific book marketing guides (I’ve already added a few of them to www.marketingforwriters.com; I’ll announce those more formally once I’ve got more genres completed.)

Let me know if I can help you finish or market your book!

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