11 reasons you need a life and business coach NOW

I can always tell when I’m speaking to a life coach. They ask a lot of questions. They are very focused on what I’m actually saying, and what’s behind what I’m saying. They are looking for negative thought patterns, unrealistic expectations, too much energy or worry being focused on the wrong projects… so that they can offer suggestions.

Life coaches can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but the price is usually an indication of how much value they’re bring to your life and business. They won’t be much good if you have “hobbies” that aren’t earning money. However, even if you’re starting from zero, they’ll probably be able to help you focus on building products and offers that sell so you can start making money. (Or, they’ll make you a stronger, happier person – changes that can’t necessarily be quantified).

Most life and business coaches I know I pretty tech savvy, and can dig around and fix your website or implement marketing strategies if they have to. And since they focus on clarifying your message and brand, they’ll often do a way better job than that average web designer (design matters – but what you say and how you position yourself matters a lot too).

I’m not a coach and have no plans to become one, but here are some of the ones I’ve met that I think are awesome. I’ll be updating this list as I meet more.

Phil Nauta


Helps small business owners grow their revenue and profits by implementing ‘organic marketing’ strategies. www.marketingorganic.com

Evi D.


Helps clients gain clarity, direction, momentum, and confidence in their ability to create a life and business they love. www.evidconsulting.com

Christopher Browning

life coach Chris Browning

Leads men way from DUMB (Demanding, Underpaid, Mediocre, Boring) jobs and business to WISE (Wealthy, Inspirational, Satisfying, Easy) lives. www.shavingwithchainsaws.com

Cynthia Morris

Coach for Artists

Artist and creativity coach, who can help visual artists build their business and sell more art. originalimpulse.com

Angie Swartz


Empowers people to find their life purpose and to improve personal mastery through knowing themselves, incorporating daily practices and transforming their bodies.



Sara ML (Mannafest Living)


Guides women through major life changes. She offers creative solutions and holistically addresses what feeds your soul.


Merideth Mehlberg

Merideth Mehlberg

Helps corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals create satisfying and meaningful work that enriches their lives and benefits their organizations. www.meridethmehlberg.com

Susan Lustenberger

business mentor and coach

Works closely with athletes and executives of every level, unlocking the real authentic you that has your own beliefs and dreams and knows your inner compass, to become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. www.consciouslyprosper.com

Greg Faxon

Greg Faxon coach

Helps clients all over the world get paid to do work they love by starting and growing impactful businesses that unleash their full potential. www.gregfaxon.com


Laura Neff

life coach Laura Neff

Defines your Core Elements, and gets you on the path to continuously creating a life that enlivens rather than depletes, fulfills instead of drains… a life that joy-fully reflects on the outside who you truly, deeply are on the inside. www.lifeleadershipcentral.com


Lianne Raymond

Lianne Raymond

Discovers that within you which longs to be expressed. Once connected to that, you will uncover your own answers. Listens souls into life; loves shadows into light; learns your unspoken languages. www.lianneraymond.com


Michael Hrostoski

Michael Hrostoski

Helps high performing men master their relationships with their women & their work. www.hrostoski.com

Willo O’Brien


Specializes in assisting creative individuals, teams and startups; supporting them in the growth and evolution of their businesses, and helping the passionate people involved sustain their health and happiness while they kick ass doing what they love. www.willolovesyou.com

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