437 Unskippable Book Marketing Tips from Publishing Experts


A few years ago I started collecting quotes and book marketing tips from publishing experts – I put them up online and divided them into topics for easy navigating, but forget to tell anyone about it.

Someday I’ll organize the content into a book or course, but for now it’s all free. If any section is particularly useful for you, please share it. I also recommend pulling your favorite quotes and sharing them on Twitter or Facebook. You can tag the person who said it and link to the post – it’s likely they’ll share your post, which is a great way to build a relationship and gain more followers.

If you’re feeling inspired, pick your top 10 quotes and turn them into image graphics with a Canva or Wordswag (if you do this, tag me as well so I can share, @creativindie).

These are mostly publishing industry insiders, though some are online business gurus with unskippably good advice. If you’re interested in book marketing, you should probably follow the people included as well.


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