365+ insanely creative office decor ideas for work from home inspiration

Whether you already work from home or are seeking online jobs, it’s important to customize your officespace to inspire your creativity, so you can stay productive and motivated. I can never find home office decor ideas that are as wild as my imagination, so I made some of my own. Well, a lot actually.

We’ll start with some simple WFH projects and move on to some truly insane interior design like converted cathedrals and artist loft warehouses, so make sure you scroll down to see all the amazing home office concepts.

Most of these feature bold, large colorful paintings and bookshelves, because art and literature is kind of my thing… but so are decrepit castle ruins and gothic stained glass windows. If you like these images, please share with the creative artists, designers and writers in your life who will appreciate them.

And remember, you don’t need a library with a ladder or a huge sunroof or wall to ceiling windows to pull of this eclectic, artistic style. It’s not about minimalism. It’s unruly, passionate, gorgeous interior design to help you feel inspired and channel your muse.

Simple Creative Home Office Ideas

Soothing Minimal Work From Home Spaces

BossBabe GamerGirl Aesthetic Office Decor

Hemingway Inspired Rustic Cabin Aesthetic Home Office Ideas

PalaceBae Queen Palace Aesthetic Home Office Decor

Creative Artist Lofts Designer Aesthetic

Cathedral Inspired Gorgeous Dream Home Office Spaces

Dark Academia Hogwarts Inspired Goth Office Aesthetic

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