365+ insanely creative office decor ideas for work from home inspiration

365+ insanely creative office decor ideas for work from home inspiration

Whether you already work from home or are seeking online jobs, it’s important to customize your officespace to inspire your creativity, so you can stay productive and motivated. I can never find home office decor ideas that are as wild as my imagination, so I made some of my own. Well, a lot actually.

We’ll start with some simple WFH projects and move on to some truly insane interior design like converted cathedrals and artist loft warehouses, so make sure you scroll down to see all the amazing home office concepts.

Most of these feature bold, large colorful paintings and bookshelves, because art and literature is kind of my thing… but so are decrepit castle ruins and gothic stained glass windows. If you like these images, please share with the creative artists, designers and writers in your life who will appreciate them.

And remember, you don’t need a library with a ladder or a huge sunroof or wall to ceiling windows to pull of this eclectic, artistic style. It’s not about minimalism. It’s unruly, passionate, gorgeous interior design to help you feel inspired and channel your muse.

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Simple Creative Home Office Ideas

I’m starting with this gallery of home office ideas because they aren’t all that flashy; they also aren’t clean or minimal. These home offices look lived in, used – and they still have a strong aesthetic. It’s OK to be a little messy, to have a lot of stuff, but you can tie it together with a simple color scheme or a large painting or mural. Plants and natural light always help liven up a space as well, especially a place you need to be creative and feel good.

Soothing Minimal Work From Home Office Ideas

If the office ideas above are too artistic and bold, you might find these more soothing. This is basically an Ikea catalogue, mostly wood and white with some plants. But for a darker look, you can paint the wall black or forest green. Simple, but elegant. The huge windows help, but it works in a smaller space as well.

Soulstice GamerGirl Aesthetic Office Decor Ideas

There are two things going on in this one, but they’re all PINK. On the one hand, the glowing “gamer girl” or online stream look. This isn’t exactly a “professional” home office but it depends what you do, and if nobody’s going to see it, why not support your inner princess?

But there are also a few that have a more tarot-incense-crystals feeling, like a spiritual guru which I’m calling “Soulstice” themed since I can’t remember a better word. These could work well for teenage girl bedrooms or grown women who like soft lavender and pretty things. A recluse, a sanctuary. It gets a bit creepy if everything in your room is pink, but white works fine with some pink accent lights; or a big bold mural. For the more spiritual aesthetic, get a warm string of lights, some electronic candles, and a big furry rug or chair cover.

ManCave Decor Home Dark Office Ideas for Men

Honestly I don’t love all of these, but some are pretty cool – the dark colors have a more masculine feel, and some of these are like dream house fantasy ideas. For smaller spaces, dark colors will feel constricting, and lighter colors will open the space up. These feel like Batman’s hideout. Gray walls and white rugs could help, lots of plants, and a blue accent light can brighten it up.

Hemingway Inspired Rustic Cabin Aesthetic Home Office Ideas

I spend most of the time dreaming about the A-frame Cabin I want to buy in Oregon, so these feel like home to me. They aren’t all that flashy, and annoyingly a cabin like this might cost more than the big apartments down below. But if you want to pull a Walden and disappear for a decade, I’d design it something like this.

BossBabe PalaceBae Queen Palace Aesthetic Home Office Decor

Ready to get fancy? Here are some super creative inspirational spaces – these are mostly pink with a barogue style and full wall murals, but there’s some variety. If you have more open space you could consider a concept like this, for a very impressive home officespace.

Creative Artist Lofts Designer Aesthetic Office Ideas

Hopefully I’m not repeating too much; these are artsy, colorful home offices if you have more space, like for a loft apartment or even a converted warehouse. You may have trouble finding the right kind of architecture unless you move to Europe but it’s fun to dream about and some of these could work for small spaces.

Cathedral Inspired Gorgeous Dream Home Office Spaces

I’ve been wanting to buy a castle or old cathedral for awhile, and even tried renting castles to use as cowriting spaces; but it would be great to have my own so I could give it this kind of home office feeling. I think it would be very hard not to stay happily productive and motivated if you had a home office like this… I’d never want to leave!