300+ Fool-Proof Fonts to use for your Book Cover Design (an epic list of best fonts per genre)

300+ Fool-Proof Fonts to use for your Book Cover Design (an epic list of best fonts per genre)

Using the right fonts on your book cover helps tell the reader what genre your book fits into and elicits an emotional response. You want it to look great, but also be appropriate, fit in well with the cover design, and (probably) be just a little more interesting than a standard font.

So I’ve put together some cheat-sheets of the best fonts to use for your book cover, divided by genre.

In general, stick to 1 “fancy” or decorative font, and keep the other fonts very simple. You don’t want them to compete.

Also – the MOST important thing about your book cover (for fiction at least) is the picture – so don’t distract or cover it up with the text. Let the picture do its work, make the text more subtle, by blending in with the image as one art piece.

For non-fiction, the most important thing is the text, mostly the subtitle. Use simple serif or sans-serif fonts.

To use these: find the font you like and Google it. (The name of each font is written in that font).

Some are free, some aren’t.

There are LOTS more, but this is a good start.

Want to download all these fonts in a simple PDF? Click here.












PS. I feel like I should apologize for this post: it’s become really popular, because it’s useful, but it was only meant as a suggestion for the *kinds* of appropriate fonts to use for each genre. A lot of these fonts are outdated, overused or too flashy. You’d probably do better to google “best fonts for [genre]” and choose some good ones. Fonts on CreativeMarket tend to be higher quality. Try to avoid free fonts unless you’re sure they’re for personal *and* commercial use – or sometimes you can donate to the designer.

Finally, here’s an updated version with just my favorite fantasy fonts. Of those, there are about 5 fonts I’d actually rely on, and this is true with most genres, certain fonts are go-to, until they become overused.

These fonts are a bit too showy or flashy for most books, but should help point you in the right direction.

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