30 Book Covers in ONE Day (A NaNoWriMo Experiment)


30 book covers nanowrimo

I almost, but then didn’t, start writing a novel this November. I’ve got way too much to do.

But I did hire two writers to work on my book ideas for me, which is thrilling.

And I want to do something fun to participate in the NaNoWrimo movement – which is a huge and supportive community of indie writers.

They have an ongoing tradition of “30 Covers in 30 days” where they feature different book cover designers, but I didn’t get involved.

So instead I’m offering my own version – but I’m going to do all 30 covers in ONE day of espresso-fueled cover design madness, to replicate the kind of intense focus and constant creative production that NaNoWriMo is all about.

I think it’s fitting to do it on December 1st.

I prefer doing makeovers, so if you’ve got a very poor mockup made and I can give it a shiny makeover, that’s easiest.

But if you have no idea about the cover yet, just send me (you can post in the comments):

The Title, Author Name, Tagline/subtitle/blurb or other text, a very short synopsis (your elevator pitch. What’s the central idea?) You can briefly describe the main character, but keep it short and don’t post a ton of info about the plot. Setting, genre, major conflict.

I’ll pick 30 out of the comments. I charge $629 for ebook covers right now, so this is an $18870 Giveaway.

This offer is meant for NaNoWrimo books, and I’ll choose them based on the elevator pitch. If you have other books already that are selling well, please let me know (you can link to your Amazon page).

PS) Obviously I’m going to make these quickly, they won’t be my best work, and they may not be perfect, but they’ll be very decent covers and you can use them if you like them.

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