30 book covers for Nanowrimo Authors (results and video)

I wanted to participate in Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) so I offered to do some book covers for Nanowrimo authors. Here are the results.

I did them all in under one day, so they aren’t my finest work,  but some of them are plenty good enough to use. I made duplicates of a few. I did over 30 altogether but I can’t count well, I think a few may be missing here.

I also made a video but it was about 20 hours long… I sped it all up to make it 20 minutes but you can’t really see what’s happening – it’s like a book cover design strobe light.

Authors, if you like one of these, it should be big enough to use, otherwise email me and I’ll send a bigger file.



Several of the authors who submitted already had covers that were very good:


Love this cover – my covers tend to be messy and bold, but I appreciate the clean minimalism. I don’t think I could do anything better.

book cover design

This cover for Song of Locke is part of a successful Kickstarter campaign and looks like it’s been professionally done. I can’t improve on it.

cover design

This cover for “Going Crazy” is really busy, but somehow all the elements balance out OK. I like it, and I could make something simpler but I don’t think that would give it the bold edginess it has now.


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