3 book marketing interviews that will help you sell more books

I’ve been invited to speak on some podcasts and channels recently – I usually say yes because I love talking about publishing and book marketing. I’m not ashamed to say I get really excited and geek out about these things.

So here are three recent interviews I think worth listening to.

The first is with Tom Corson Knowles. I met Tom years ago and have since been inspired to catch up with him in terms of book sales on Amazon (I think I’m about halfway there). By the way, the snow white/smurf painting behind me is a vestige from when I was still a fine artist.


You should also check out these two, on how I’m slowly building a solid passive income base with (mostly) Kindle books.

Side Hustle Nation – how to make $5K a month in fiction books on Kindle

Kevin T Johns – Writing Fiction that Sells


Hope they’re useful!

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