17 ways you can make money from home right now as a writer or artist

17 ways you can make money from home right now as a writer or artist

So, you’re a writer or an artist, and you’re itching to turn those magical skills into some actual moolah? Honey, you’ve got this! With the world moving online faster than you can say “quarantine”, now’s the prime time for creative souls like you and me to shine and earn. Here’s a list of ways you can earn a pretty penny—or several—from the comfort of your cozy nook:

1. Freelance Platforms (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer)

Holla, digital warriors! Let’s dish about platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. Remember the time I likened these to dating apps? That’s because they’re just as addicting. Swipe right on a job post, flirt with a few pitches, and voilà—you’re in a work relationship. Sure, the start might be a bit rocky, but like all relationships, you’ve got to stick it out. Once you’ve got a few gigs under your belt, it’s a whole world of repeat clients and referrals. And hey, no need to buy dinner!

2. Etsy

Now, let’s talk Etsy. I’ve seen it all there: from quirky crafts to personalized poems. And, darlings, the market is huge. You’re not just selling art, you’re selling experiences, memories. Think about that birthday gift someone will never forget or the engagement card that brings tears to someone’s eyes. Sell prints, handmade goodies, or digital art. I’ve got a friend who sells cute dog illustrations, and boy, she’s raking it in!

3. Self-Publishing (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing)

Have you explored Amazon KDP? It’s where I birthed my three e-babies (read: eBooks) last summer. Being a self-published author means wearing a lot of hats: writer, marketer, and, occasionally, therapist to your own anxious self. It’s a learning curve but oh-so rewarding when those royalty checks roll in.

PS. check our menu for free publishing guides.

4. Print on Demand (Redbubble, Society6)

Sites like Redbubble and Society6 are absolute game-changers. Your art can sashay down the runway on tees, mugs, and more. One time, I saw a dude in Amsterdam wearing a shirt with my doodle. Global reach? Check!

5. Blogging (WordPress, Blogger)

Into blogging? Platforms like WordPress and Blogger are your playground. I remember my early days, typing away furiously about my painting mishaps and art supply hauls. Now, my blog’s got its own little community, and the ad revenue isn’t too shabby either.

6. Teaching Online (Udemy, Skillshare)

Babe, if I can teach a course on Udemy titled “Abstract Art with Spilled Coffee”, you can teach anything. Or head to Skillshare if you fancy sharing niche skills. These platforms are like virtual classrooms brimming with eager students. Check out how our first online course launch made $18K in 48hours.

7. Patreon

Embrace your fans on Patreon. My patrons are my lifeline, supporting me while getting exclusive sneak peeks. Imagine a fan club but, you know, in the digital age.

8. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is where you sprinkle your magic behind the scenes. I’ve ghosted blog posts, e-books, and even spicy romance tales. And the best part? It’s like attending a masquerade ball; you get the fun without revealing your identity.

9. Stock Graphics (Shutterstock, Adobe Stock)

Turn your doodles and snaps into dollar signs with Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. That random photo I took of my sunflower? It’s now someone’s desktop wallpaper in Tokyo. I’ve been getting aggressive messages from 123rfstock hungry for my AI generated images.

10. Custom Commissions

This is where you get to collaborate directly with fans. I’ve sketched everything from family portraits to, weirdly enough, someone’s pet iguana in royal robes. It’s quirky, personal, and oh-so fulfilling. We recently hired several artists on Fiverr to design drawing tutorials for us.

11. Kickstarter Campaigns

Honey, Kickstarter isn’t just for tech gadgets and indie games. Artists are rocking it too. Last year, I kickstarted my illustrated calendar. The support? Overwhelming! If you’ve got a passion project, this is where dreams get wings. Here’s a post on how a Kickstarter campaign successful raised $12700 in 48 hours.

12. Conferences & Workshops

And for those craving real-life connections, consider hosting a workshop or joining a conference. With platforms like Eventbrite, setting up an event is a cinch. That watercolor workshop I held last summer? Sold out in two hours! Derek sometimes rents castles and hosts writing retreats.

Remember, the digital world is a goldmine for creatives. Dive in, sprinkle your magic, and watch the opportunities unfold. 🌟

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