15 author website examples and critique

15 author website examples and critique

author website samples and critique

It’s really hard to describe how to make a great author website, so I made a video critiquing 15 real-life examples. These aren’t *perfect* author websites, but they are representative of the type of websites most authors have.

If you watch the whole video, you’ll learn a lot about setting up a website for authors.

However: None of it really matters if you aren’t getting traffic to your website. So content is usually more important than design or functionality. Content first. Also sales don’t usually come directly from an author’s website, they come from purchases on Kindle or iBooks, so the actual book page matters much more than the author website (which is why most authors don’t spend as much time on their website as they should, because they know it’s not primarily where sales come from).

If sales dry up, getting traffic to your website with great content that attracts your readers is a wonderful strategy… but only if they stick around long enough to sign up or read some of your work, so you can develop a relationship with them and turn them into fans.


Featured authors

3:43 – Melle Amade (urban fantasy/paranormal romance)

7:48 – Watson Davis (scifi/sword and sorcery

11:26 – Nadine Travers (urban fantasy/paranormal romance)

16:13 – Katy Haye (steampunk fantasy)

19:57 – R. Q. Bell (historical romance)

30:46 – Douglas Clegg (thriller)

39:22 – Senserial Publishing (serialized fiction)

43:47 – Shaun L. Griffiths (fantasy/sword and sorcery)

48:58 – Cory Reynolds (epic YA)

58:35 – James Hockley (epic fantasy/sword and sorcery)

1.04:47 – Clare Jayne (historical romance)

1.08:39 – Luke R. Mitchell (science fiction and fantasy)

1.12:18 – Olivia Wildenstein (YA contemporary / urban fantasy)

1.19:18 – Jacque Stevens (fantasy)

1.27:45 – Katherine Lee Hayton (thrillers)




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