147 ways to make money with your writing NOW (online writing jobs)

Like hundreds of other posts, I started this article in 2012 and only finished it in 2018. Why the gap? It took me six years to figure out how to make my blog profitable enough to start using it. I want to help you do it faster than I did. So here’s a massive list of tips and resources on how to make money online FAST.

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#1 – Coaching

If you are a coach – or expert enough to be a coach – this will be one of the easiest
ways to get started.

Top blogger Jon Morrow recommends this strategy for beginning bloggers to
quickly grow a side income while building your blog. That’s how he started and the
same applies to books.

And as a bestselling author you can start with premium rates. Readers will expect
no less.

Rather than pitching your services, give awesome, life changing advice and use
plenty of case studies and stories from your practice.
Makes it more engaging – and more credible – plus, success stories will really inspire
your readers and turn them in eager clients, ready to book you. (rather than just
preaching theory).

If you offer something readers urgently need, they will come. No further pitching

#2 – Consulting

Be it marketing, SEO, financial, business or wellness consulting, your books already
set the stage and present you as a top expert. Someone companies would be
lucky to hire and pay generous fees to.
Again, rather than pitching, share success stories and case studies – and let them
come to you.

#3 – High Ticket Masterminds

High ticket masterminds have become one of the most lucrative forms of
Entrepreneurs willing to shelve out $25,000+ per year if they believe you can
catapult their business to the next level.

More seen as an investment – a marketing expense (usually tax deductable) rather
than an “cost” – and the results from a great mastermind can indeed be life

#4 – Professional Services

Bestseller publishing is a fantastic lead magnet for professional services, such as
attorneys, CPAs or health professionals.

Dave will share a great example from one of his attorney clients at the end of this
article. (OR HERE…)

As a bestselling author you set yourself apart from the competition. You become
one of the top authorities in your field – at least in the public’s eye.
That can easily translate into clients on autopilot – if – you know how to keep books

#5 – Corporate Writing (Freelancing) Gigs

One of my students Jeannette Jureya recently published a book on corporate
freelance writing. She had found a way to easily book a constant stream of high
paying corporate writing gigs and made over a million dollars in just a few years.
You think bestselling books could be funneled into that kind of power gig?

You bet.

And not just writing, but any corporate freelance gig you might be qualified for.
Not only do bestselling books give you credibility and prestige. Executives might
actually find you through your books and hire you from there – at premium rates!

#6 – Copywriting

Copywriters are among the highest paid writers in the world. You will need some
additional training, but there are plenty of good courses available and the earnings
can be amazing.

To draw clients in, you would write books on different marketing strategies, incl.
copywriting, possibly centered around a certain niche you want to focus on. The
type of books, your potential clients would need to read for their business and that
showcase your copywriting chops.

#7 – Courses

The 10x version of book royalties.
Bestselling Author and serial entrepreneur John Richardson wrote several books on
running a successful coffee shop. In the books he invites readers to join him in a free
webinar for additional teaching and after an hour of awesome, free training he
offers a course on the topic.

His webinars are set up in an evergreen sequence, meaning people can sign up
and watch the (pre-recorded replay) webinar at a time of their choosing and are
added to an autoresponder sequence. Sales come in on autopilot and make him
over £100,000 (ca. US$140,000) per year.
Automated passive income on steroids!

My new course “Dream Clients on Autopilot” is starting to bring in similar results. And
while the initial effort to create the course was major – it is now an income
producing asset that brings in money month after month – mostly on autopilot
through my books.
Compare that to Facebook ads or SEO…

#8 – Webinars & Workshops

Similar to courses, except they are not passive. A great way to offer additional
value to your readers/customers while creating extra income.

#9 – Summits & Events

Summits and events – both online and actual physical events – have become the
latest rage, especially on Facebook.
Josh Steimle of Influencer Inc., bestselling author & Forbes contributor, recently
launched his first Facebook event, featuring an impressive array of marketing
influencers over several days.
All speakers participated for free and promoted the summit to their large lists. In
return they got many new fans and subscribers – and made thousands selling their
And Josh?

He charged $60 per person for VIP access (meaning the full interviews and sessions
– there was also a limited free access option) while also promoting his products and
marketing agency – and further growing his list and audience.

I will confirm the exact workings and results with Josh next week, but this was the

#10 – Speaking

Then there is the lucrative speaking circuit.
Top level speakers like Kevin Kruse who is also a bestselling author and Forbes
contributor, can command $10,000+ per speech while increasing sales and
awareness for their brand and business.
Being a bestselling author, of course, boosts your stature and credentials and can
increase invitations from companies and institutions who might otherwise not have
found you.

#11 – Speech Writing

If you are adept in politics, business or international relations (to name a few
examples), you could also specialize in speech writing for top political campaigns,
CEOs and entrepreneurs.
Will again require you to learn new skills, but well worth it once you get regular highticket
bookings and might also connect you with some really interesting people
that can help you grow your business in new, amazing ways.

#12 – TV Expert

While TV experts are usually not paid by the networks, the exposure you can get,
especially as a regular contributor on channels like CNN is enormous.
You might have notice how often “Bestselling Author” is part of their credentials and
if you position yourself through your books as a top expert in a sub niche, it is not out
of the question to eventually be called in as an expert.
More of a marketing strategy than income, but one of the most powerful there is. In
addition to the prestige and credibility you can add in your “As seen on” bar.

#13 – Memberships & Subscriptions

A passive income bonanza, usually in combination with courses and other training/
Three impressive examples are:
– John Lee Dumas (JLD) of the top rated “Entrepreneur On Fire” Podcast
– the creators of Fizzle and
– Carrie Green, Founder of the Female Entrepreneurship Association

All have taken this strategy to massively grow their monthly income streams while
building an even closer bond with their customers/followes.

JLD allows members of his course “Podcasters Paradise” 3 months free access to a
membership program that goes in tandem with the course. Connecting podcasters
with suitable guests and many other support features. After 3 months, most
members are “sold” and stay with the monthly subscription long term. According to
his website, he makes between 200-300K per month (yes, per month!).
Fizzle features an extensive course portfolio and supportive forum to help newbie
entrepreneurs grow their business.

Similar to the FEA – except it’s only for girls…:)

#14 – Softwares & Apps

Wesley Atkins & Dave Chesson are two authors who channeled their publishing
success into two of the best known and most widely used author softwares around –
KDSpy & KDP Rocket.

They saw a need and provided a solution – and a formidable one at that!
I don’t know how I would run my publishing business without these 2 awesome

Softwares often come as monthly subscriptions, tying strategies #12 & #13 into one
awesome monthly bundle.
Tech Entrepreneur and bestselling author Alex Becker has turned this power combo
into monthly 6 figures. Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels to a reported 7-8 figures per

While these are extreme examples, software memberships can generate impressive
streams even on a much smaller scale. Let’s say, you charged $10 per month,
multiplied by 1000 customers (which isn’t unreasonable in the right market) could
end up making you an extra $10K per month.

Oh…and you don’t have to be a developer. You would hire an expert which can
be quite pricey (apps are more affordable), but think of it as a long term option.
Build up your income through coaching/consulting – or other strategies mentioned
here, and then reinvest some of that income into building a software relevant to
your niche – and attract customers via your books.

#15 – eCommerce / Niche Stores

Another often overlooked strategy.
If applicable, build an ecommerce or niche store around your topic and use your
books as lead magnets to introduce readers to your shop.

Your books could be in-depth ‘how to’ guides that complement the products you
sell. Possibly in combinations with courses or webinars. Or cover interesting topics
related to your business.

#16 – Physical Products

Same principle with physical products: accompanying journals or cooking utensils,
workout machines/tools/attire. Whatever might be relevant with your topic.
Even a specialized patented product that solves a particular problem for your
readers/customers. One that only you sell.
Or supporting items like greeting cards with branded quotes.
Which leads us to…

#17 – Merchandise

Once you develop a recognizable brand with ardent fans, selling merchandise
becomes a no brainer and is an easy additional passive income stream.

Mugs, T-shirts, pens or more exotic items can easily be produced – POD style – and
set up on autopilot.

Key is to build that strong brand first – and not just write “a book”.
Your books should be virtual business cards for your entire brand and make it fun
and irresistabe to be a part of your community.

#18 – Multimedia

Multimedia products like CDs or DVDs can be another great way to grow your
brand and provide your readers/customers with a well-rounded full-service solution.

This one, again, passive income.
Cooking Videos
Workout Videos
How to Videos of any kind
Inspirational Music
Relaxation CD
Guided Meditation CDs
Language CDs
And many more…

#19 – Affiliate Products

One of my favorites and so easy to incorporate in your books. Amazon affiliate links
are not allowed. Otherwise, you are good to go (best to cloak your links with bit.ly
or Pretty link).

Big caveat though! – whatever you recommend needs to be:
– Something you use yourself and find absolutely amazing. You would recommend it
even without a commission
– Should fit in naturally with your topic and only takes up a tiny fraction of your
book. A tool that makes what you teach so much easier.
For example, if you write about Kindle publishing, recommending KDSpy, KDP

Rocket or Scrivener would be obvious choices.

You are helping readers with your recommendations while making some money on
the side – win-win for everybody.
If you don’t have a course yet, you can recommend someone else’s course as an
extension of your book – and earn an affiliate commission for every sale. Course
commissions are usually between 30-50% of the sales price, so can be very

Again, Amazon readers are savvy and hate being pitched and sold to, but if it’s a
great product that they will absolutely LOVE, you are adding a great additional
bonus that they will appreciate.

Affiliate marketing is what took my publishing business quickly to 6 figures – and all
on autopilot. It allowed me to travel the word without having to worry about
money or paying the bills.

And…. readers loved the products and got great benefit from them.
Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start generating additional income
and should be part of your business no matter what you do.

#20 – Podcast

Many authors have expanded their business into podcasting and given the rapid
growth of that medium in recent years that is indeed a logical progression.
A way to connect with your readers on a more personal level. Hearing your voice
will add to the feeling of “knowing” you and keep growing your community.

It’s also a great way to network with peers and influencers.

You can land lucrative sponsorships and market your products as well as affiliate
products, just like you would with books.

#22 – Podcast Guesting

In the 2017 State of Podcast Interviews Study, over 10,000 entrepreneurs were asked
which marketing strategy had brought them the biggest ROI. Surprisingly, Podcast
Interviews (aka guesting on podcasts) was ranked #1. Followed by email marketing
and Facebook ads.

Bestselling author Richie Norton built his business largely on podcast guesting. He
never had his own podcast, but instead leveraged OPA (other people’s audiences)
and became one of the top requested interview guests in the podcasting scene –
and – funneled that traffic into a hugely successful consulting and mastermind

#23 – Youtube Channel

Youtube Channels can be another lucrative avenue to massively grow your
business. Once again through sponsorships and affiliate sales as well as exclusive
VIP content that viewers have to pay for and, of course, ads.
A master of combining Youtube with books is Gary Vaynerchuk whose Youtube
Channel and mega bestselling books grew his fan & customer base to millions all
around the world.

A more recent example of this combo is vlogger Amy Schmittauer who used her
hugely successful Youtube channel to launch her first book “Vlog like a Boss” to a
smash hit #1 Bestseller.

Obviously, both platforms cross promote each other and help her expand her
reach and marketing options.
SEO and JV’ing with other channels will be your fastest way to gain traction on

Tim Schmoyer, Deral Eves and Roberto Blake are 3 of the top YT marketing channels
with many hours of awesome advice to take your Youtube game to the next level
and turn it into a viable income source and platform. An actual business, not just a
side kick where you post a few tutorials.

#24 – Blog

And, yes, a blog is another option. Once again, SEO, JV’ing / networking with peers
and influencers are the fast trak to growing quickly. As are bestselling books which
can easily drive consistent traffic to your blog and open up new audiences that
might have otherwise never heard of you.

Bestselling Author Matt Kepnes, aka “Nomadic Matt” is one of the most famous
travel bloggers in the world with over 200,000 followers to date. His book “How to
travel the world on $50 a day” took things to the next level and gave him an
additional exposure like nothing else.

Matt already had a huge following and it surely helped promoting his book launch.
And just the same, the continued success of this book sends ever new followers to
his blog, which he turned into 6-figure business.

#25 – Social Media Influencer

Finally – social media influencer. Focus on one platform, learn the most effective
ways to grow there quickly – there are shortcuts on each (and I mean real followers,
not buying fakes) – and turbo charge your follower count with your bestselling

Depending on your topic, there are always 1-2 platforms that are especially suited
for growing a business in that

#26 – Done-for-You Services

#27 – Technical Writing

Not the sexiest of genres, but a highly lucrative arena of freelance writing with far less
competition. More info here:



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