14 ways to get more likes, comments, shares and engagements on Facebook

14 ways to get more likes, comments, shares and engagements on Facebook

This is something I’m going to start working on, but don’t do well yet.

Basically, Facebook controls who sees your content. Even if you have a lot of followers, they aren’t seeing your stuff. You can increase the visibility you get based on engagement – if people comment, like or share your posts, Facebook will automatically share your content with more people.

I’ve pulled a bunch of awesome pictures the NeverGiveUpSociety. You can use Wordswag or Canva to make your own images (they don’t have to look nice!)

This one is brilliant for a contest, everybody that wants to win will LIKE other people’s comment and hope nobody likes theirs.




2. Share cool stuff you want… this might have worked better if they said “like if you want one of these!”


3. Ask questions –

“Like in 3 seconds if you’re doing Nanowrimo.”

“Like in 3 seconds if you love the Hunger Games.”


4. Capture a funny situation people can relate to, use a picture (or moving gif… I believe if you post on Tumblr first there are ways to get them to move on Facebook).


5. Super easy, ask people basic questions about themselves. People love to talk if you give them space.




6. Fun little games… I also saw one that was “if the last 2 digits of your phone number was the age you’d get married how old would you be?”



7. This one borders on ridiculous. The brightest color is obvious, right? Right?

It doesn’t matter, it gets comments.






8. If you see something like this, your reaction will be “if I don’t like it… does that make me ungrateful to my mother?”


9. Start a battle. This basically splits people in two camps, makes a blanket statement about them, and lets everybody duke it out in the comments. These could go on for a long time!12241206_468647993303635_2076426414749282988_n


10. “Do you like X or Y? Like for X, share for Y.”

So easy to do. If you’re an author, you should do this with bestselling books in your genre.



11. Even easier: no opinion or thinking required. 12247025_469709673197467_7316230381180785532_n


12. Inspirational and motivational stuff (with cute kittens!)12247083_469410993227335_6460135675033340356_n

13. This one is such a good idea, I’m going to try something like this soon.


14. Share your secrets, without revealing them.12278727_470764046425363_1783769417931307541_n


You can start with this one I made:

Share it on your page, I bet you get more engagement than usual.




  • La La in the Library Posted November 26, 2015 2:42 pm

    All the things that annoy the rest of us on Facebook and will make you look like a cheese ball. Ugh. Let your page have some class. Have good likeable and sharable content. Do some “promo for promos” with other pages like yours. Join a “boosting” link-up where you go to similar pages and like and share quality content, like Boost It Tuesday. I co-admin a page that has over 5,000 followers and we did no cheesy “like and share” schemes.

    • Derek Murphy Posted November 27, 2015 12:39 am

      Thanks for your comment – I agree these seem cheesy (and poorly designed). But I see these on pages with 300K followers, and each images gets 3000+ likes and comments. I think you can use the ideas to get more engagement in any subject or industry. These work more on teens, but I think all people use Facebook to be engaged, comment and talk about themselves. Inviting people to share is a user/client focused approach that works better than a broadcast announcement.

  • Lis Kester Posted November 27, 2015 12:12 am

    Oh, please no. Hopefully this post is just to get everyone commenting on how much they hate those types of posts. I unfollow pages that post that crap.

    • Derek Murphy Posted November 27, 2015 12:41 am

      Even if it does… it may work better than posting things that nobody feels strongly about. The trick is to find content and questions that your audience responds to. Engagement: more visibility for everything you post. So if you’re doing other things that don’t get any likes, shares or comments, and are sick of Facebook showing your stuff to 1% of your followers, a handful of things like this, maybe just one a week, done in a new and tasteful way they haven’t seen before, can be very effective.

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