476+ free anime coloring pages (creepy kawaii dark fantasy adult printable coloring book sheets)

476+ free anime coloring pages (creepy kawaii dark fantasy adult printable coloring book sheets)

I’ve been playing around with fantasy art for a few months and have gotten some great images, so I’ve decided to share them here. These are printable coloring book pages, but they aren’t simple, clean lines you might be used to. This is high-quality stuff: stuff that looks cool and gorgeous. Stuff you may want to keep and save and frame.

These are perfect for colored pencil or watercolor, but especially if you’re learning how to shade or blend colors and shadows. I’m going to organize them into “sets” and if they are popular enough, I’ll turn them into coloring books. They are crazy detailed though, so they might actually work better as large poster print-outs, in which case I’d need to boost the resolution (these are already killing my website bandwidth, but I’ll leave them free for as long as possible. Use them if you want; share and link back here – but don’t try to sell them or publish them elsewhere.

PS. Many of these are ideas I had 7 years ago, when I started experimenting with adult coloring books, but never really finished because building the images in photoshop was too arduous.

Creepy Kawaii Dark Academia Anime coloring pages

“Kawaii” translates roughly as cute, so creepy kawaii is kind of a dark, gothic but youthful look. In the west, it merges a little bit with dark academia, the aesthetic of spooky old manors and occult mysteries. I first tried making creepy kawaii coloring pages in midjourney four and I love these samples, but they’re a little too rough and messy to be practical. I’m sharing some of the first batch anyway; they *could* be colored, but you’ll probably want to choose from the more polished versions below.

I really like the creepy faces, but I can’t get midjourney 5 to recreate a similar style. Here’s a big batch of creepy kawaii/dark academia coloring pages. There’s a few different styles but a big selection. A lot of these are cute and childish anime, with a spooky “magic academy” theme.

Steampunk Dinosaur Coloring Pages

I made a lot of these because I think they’re awesome. Anime style, but with dinosaurs and gears. A little more steampunky. This batch is portrait closeups and cleaner lines (even though some have insane details). The next round below have more depth and shadow.

Steampunk Dino Anime coloring pages

Mermaid coloring book pages

I love how these turned out. They’re detailed and intricate, with tangled seaweed, flowing underwater hair and a variety of fish. Room for lots of creative interpretation. These are made with AI, so they’re more complex than the clean, simple lines you may be used to. They’re pretty dark though, so it would take a lot of black ink to print them up at home. I’ll probably find a way to make some books or large poster prints.

Gorgeous intricate nature goddess coloring book pages

These aren’t exactly creepy kawaii, but I like them a lot. They are super intricate and detailed, with dark shadows and black backgrounds. You’ll need to color less spaces but the final results will be much better; these don’t look like simple kid drawings, these look like art. Which means, I think, you’ll feel happy and good about yourself for working on them, because they are cool and beautiful.

PS. These might be too detailed for coloring books, I’ll see if I can make the default size large poster. These would be great with watered down acrylics or gouache paint, but colored pencils will look good too.

Simple cute creepy kawaii coloring book pages

Here’s another big round of “simple” cute kawaii coloring book pages. The styles are a little mixed, and some are very detailed, but most have clean lines. A lot of these have expressive eyes and a black background. It’s unusual for a coloring book but it’ll make the art look much stronger once you color in the areas.

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