The quick and easy guide to Facebook and Amazon (AMS) ads for authors

Work in progress!
Someone asked for a ‘quick and easy guide’ to advertising for authors, so I wrote this:
1. Use your hook/story for text. Test out 10 different hooks. Test out some with reviews. Make sure you mention the genre clearly, but incite emotion.
2. Don’t use your cover, use a pretty image that attracts readers of your genre.
3. Target people who like your genre, books or authors that are similar to yours, or genre-TV or movies (Twilight, Hunger Games, etc).
4. Use Narrowed interests – so you can get people who like genre-stuff + people who read YA books or own a Kindle.
Get the audience down to just the right people.
If you target Hunger Games, your ad copy can say “Best new dystopian series since Hunger Games” or “Hunger Games meets Twilight” – so people will think the ad is targeting them directly.
Try to get clicks down to 0.20 or so (It’s hard). Experiment until you can get there.
5. Ads perform better with social proof, so if one is working and has lots of comments on it, keep running it.
6. Test with small budgets until you figure out the best sales copy/image. Ads will saturate the market, so run it and keep improving the spend until it stops being profitable, then try something else.
7. If you can’t make ads profitable, you need to fix onpage conversion for your Amazon book (cover, blurbs, reviews). That said, it’s HARD to make ads profitable for one book – I’m waiting until I have a full series out before I start spending big on ads.
If you’re boosting the FB ad for your giveaway, just use the image of all the books (you should have made a cover image with all the book covers for the giveaway). Target people who like those authors/the genre.
Previously I would have said “ask them to comment, like and share” to enter… but Facebook recently said it’s going to start suppressing content that asks for engagement like that, so be careful (if you’re paying, it probably doesn’t matter).
You should also watch this video, because chances are you’re not ready to start advertising yet!




Advertising a book. Examples.

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If you’re ready to start advertising, you should also check out Amazon’s advertising platform AMS.

Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur has an excellent free course.

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