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What to do when you completely lose your mind (an honest review of the World Domination Summit 2014)

I spent the last four days in Portland attending the World Domination Summit (a congregation of people living remarkable lives in a conventional world). It’s my second time – immediately after the first one I attended (2013) I bought tickets for myself and my mother to return this year. Since I wrote a little about my experiences last year, I ... Read More »

Unofficial WDS 2014 Schedule (plus 10 more things to do in Portland)

This weekend Portland will be taken over by around 3000 people leading unconventional lifestyles for the 4th annual World Domination Summit. If you’re attending, you may want to read my 8 Tips on Preparing for WDS. The official WDS website has lots of information about the schedule, activities and meetup, but my guess is more than half of the attendees ... Read More »

9 amazing things I learned from the 2013 World Domination Summit (and some life-changing resources I can’t believe I didn’t know about).

This weekend I attended my first ever WDS (World Domination Summit), put on by Chris Guillebeau of the Art of Non-Conformity. A lot of the lifestyle values and career goals of the group (total freedom from office hours, self-employment, personal fulfillment, making a meaningful contribution, adventure and travel, deep and meaningful relationship, self-exploration) have guided my life since I was ... Read More »

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