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Is caring about people a waste of time? (AKA, is social media marketing worth it?)

I’m at a writing conference, and during just about every session, authors keep asking the same questions. And they aren’t looking for answers. They are looking for permission not to give a damn about their readers. They ask stuff like “I know I’m supposed to use Facebook/Twitter… but do I have to?” They say stuff like “I just want to ... Read More »

Some awesome quotes for authors (that will make people like you more).

You need to share interesting, valuable content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites. Pictures get liked, shared and retweeted more than any other content. But where can you find awesome pictures that are relevant to authors that you can share to gain more followers? Right here! I’m going through my book, Write, Format, Publish, Promote and using ... Read More »

An easy book marketing hack to help you dominate Pinterest and rule the interwebz

I’ve never really gotten into Pinterest. I’ve started a few times, but I just didn’t “get it.” But today on Facebook I saw a post by John Kremer about how one of his graphics had been repinned by 1,416,972 people and brings over 7,000 people to his website every month. That’s pretty damn amazing for one picture. How it works ... Read More »

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