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Do you consider yourself a creative person?

Would you like to have more time to develop your passions, improve your skills, and do what you love?

The easiest way to make that happen is to start putting out more value into the world, by creating things that resonate with other people; creating with an audience in mind makes it much easier to develop assets that generate income.

Even though this is objectively true, many artists and authors resist the idea of creating for others, because of an entrenched Romantic belief in “Art for Art’s Sake” (having zero functionality, even refusing standard aesthetic ideals of beauty, art becomes more valuable when less people enjoy it).

Some creatives manage to accidentally make something from passion that people respond to. 

Others spend decades producing work they consider meaningful, that nobody else appreciates.

After being a starving artist for ten years, I got my PhD in Literature, built several profitable online businesses that generate passive income, and now spend my time travelling the world and writing scifi and fantasy novels.

I love to help artists, authors and entrepreneurs develop their vision, build their platforms, and get more visibility with less time and effort. I regularly blog about new projects and discoveries, and share as much as I can to help others.

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More about me

I’ve spoken at dozens of writing and digital nomad conferences around the world, and hosted my own writing retreats in castles and historic villas across Europe (we even got featured in CNN). My dream goal is to buy my own castle and turn it into a creativity center, where creative people can come and do their best work in a genius-boosting environment.

I’m also elbow-deep into the history of art, creative production, motivation and momentum, and will publishing several remarkable books on those topics. In the meantime, there are tons of resources on this site or on my YouTube channel, which has over 700K views.

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