Essential Tools and Resources for (Serious) Authors

I’m finally putting together a list of the tools and resources I use to build traffic, increase conversions, design amazing promotional materials and advertisements, write and publish books, build courses and landing pages, and make passive income online.

It took me about 10 years to figure it all out, and the first five years I worked really hard and didn’t make very much money. But now I can pretty much write full-time, own my time and schedule, live a nomadic lifestyle and create my own magnificent adventure.

These are some of the tools and resources that helped me get here.

Platform Basics


WordPress Themes

Landing Pages

Email Marketing

Book Writing and Editing

Book Design

Courses and Education

Inspiration and Goal Setting

Free Books

Book Promotion + Keyword Research

Book Editing

  • Derek, I notice you have sign up button on your facebook author page. How did you do that? I have a mailchimp account, which is what I’d like that link to go to.
    Thanks for your help!

    • You can add a button and link where ever you want, I just linked straight to my mailchimp form.

      • Thanks – it took me a lot of messing around on both sites but I figured it out.
        Best to you!

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