Writing under the influence: productivity and motivation tips to help authors write faster

You’re early!
These are just quick notes to myself…

Deep work


Doing the important work first.

Organized intent/awareness

Deep work

-Saying no (thesis research, refusal, defiance.) Bartleby the Scrivener, I’d rather not.


-Selfbelief. Story, energy drink. People who bought a discounted energy drink performed less well than someone who got it at full price. Seeing motivational picture. Think of yourself easily doing it. The belief that you can do it. 

Placebo effect: if something doesn’t *actually* work, but makes you THINK it works and gives you confidence, then it *does* actually work, right?

-Mentorship. Hypnotist, author…methods of persuasion. Confidence, confidence man, herman melville.

“Rather than outwardly state my skepticism, I projected a fake air of confidence to assure my friend that it would work. My friend witnessed my confidence and assurance in the hypnosis, and he then became more confident and assured in my ability to hypnotize him. As a result of his heightened expectations, I was able to guide him into a deep state of hypnosis, and after 10 minutes of giving him a few helpful suggestions, I guided him out of hypnosis, and he has been smokefree to this day. If I’m hypnotizing someone I’ve just met, after 5 or 10 minutes of speaking with them, I smile and say, “It’s funny. You seem like someone who could easily go into a deep state of hypnosis. That’s a great quality to have.” That statement removes any mental defenses that the person may possess, and it reinforces their expectations that they will be hypnotized. In turn, that makes it easier for me to guid ethem into a deep state of hypnosis.” 

So: if you have lack of confidence in yourself or your ability, an experienced coach or mentor may be able to transfer their confidence to you. It’s easier to have confidence in THEM and their ability to help you take action and see results; your confidence in them will actually help you take action and get results. You have to believe it’s possible before you take action. That’s why I begrudgingly respect the War of Art, it’s not set up as a motivation book, it’s a religion, and ideology, and Steven has to make you BELIEVE that it’s a real thing, even though actually it’s an invention. Belief is critical to action; action is critical to results.



Sleep schedule

Community/competition – accountability.


Coffee (Bulletproof)
Lion’s Mane

“Men are eager to talk about productivity drugs like modafinil that are strictly for getting things done, but the moment you stay “I want to get more done, and feel awesome doing it” you sound like some sort of degenerate stoner. Work is supposed to be, well, work. You’re telling me I can get a bunch done, because I feel so good that I don’t even notice time passing? Isn’t that cheating? Pleasure is a productivity hack in itself. If you feel good doing what you’re doing, you’re more likely to do more of it.”

Kratom: The Productivity Booster And Anxiety Killer That You’ve Never Heard Of

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