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21 Day Bestselling Author Platform + Guerrilla Publishing

***2018 Update – FREE book marketing course!*** I first outlined this course 3.5 years ago and haven’t gotten around to fixing up my site to stop “promoting” it… here’s what’s going on: I actually launched an intro course to marketing “Reach Your Readers” which you can know get as part of the Epic Book Design Bundle. I don’t feel comfortable …

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Author Ethics and Utilitarianism (Or, “Why Authors are Bad People”)

Tonight I read with interest two posts about Author Ethics. This one by Jane Steen on argues that while indie authors often lament (and admit to be challenged by) quality issues, the equally important issue of Author Ethics is ignored. The concept of “Author Ethics” refers mainly to bullshit book reviews; a controversial topic that I love discussing, even …

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51 books on book marketing that will grow your author platform 800%

Below are some of the books I read in 2014 and found useful. [ReviewAZON name=”1″ id=”6″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”B004XR57PE,B00IS884QS,0984655123,B007SYTLVA,B007IJLGUY,0615796796,B00PXHHPWQ,0981875637,159963421X,0615909205″ trackingid=”creativindie-20″ country=”” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″]   [ReviewAZON name=”2″ id=”7″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”1935953281,B00O3597M0,B00HSUWMDI,0992379636,0996076174,0990318109,B009SGXWM0,1631619969,B00PCKIJ4C,1482014092″ trackingid=”creativindie-20″ country=”us” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″] [ReviewAZON name=”3″ id=”8″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”0814432867,1591847389,0071762345,B005EPR5MM,B00JFHKNRO,1608323668,0618785914,0071819894,1599185059,1595554653″ trackingid=”creativindie-20″ country=”us” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″]   [ReviewAZON name=”4″ id=”9″ display=”multiinlineasins” asins=”0452297729,B00IQY2QV8,B00J1KPB9U,1493697595,B00CJ0USL0,B00LMGLYRE,B00DJUK7HE,B008IGESCE,B00CSTBZ2S” trackingid=”creativindie-20″ country=”us” width=”100%” float=”left” displaytype=”list” count=”10″] [ReviewAZON …

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Indie Author Champions

Hundreds of thousands of indie authors are out there trying to promote their books. There are a lot of websites and blogs committed to indie publishing values, but how many people take the time to actually help out another author by posting a review? This shouldn’t be an accidental afterthought, this should be a deliberate effort. If you have books …

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Why having a Facebook author page for your book is (mostly) useless

You’re writing a book. You want to make sure you do the marketing part right so people know about it, buy it and read it (so that they can rave and tell their friends about it). You know having a “Social Media Strategy” is important, so you might be thinking about setting up a special Facebook page for your book …

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