How to use Amazon’s giveaway feature to spike sales rank and sell more books

Edit: I don’t think this works… apparently you only get a boost in rank per giveaway, not per copy sold, so giving 100 doesn’t do much. Seems better to run a giveaway with Gleam or KingSumo, gather 100 emails, and gift to them individually to spike rank. When I first heard of Amazon’s new giveaway feature I was skeptical. People ... Read More »

How to earn a lot of money giving your books away for free (Kindle Unlimited Pricing Strategies)

EDIT: This article is based on the assumption that you get paid (via KU pagereads) for the free downloads you get on free promotion days with KDP select. In the comments, someone mentioned that you don’t get paid for free days. I checked KDP’s contract and they say “You will not receive any Royalties on your Digital Book during a free ... Read More »

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