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Since starting this website in 2011, I’ve never had a “contact me” button. I’ve never had anything for sale, didn’t care much about how many optins I got, wasn’t measuring conversions or ad spend or anything. It’s always been a hobby site I set up to help authors, artist and entrepreneurs.

I’ve mentioned the possibility of coaching or mentorship, and sometimes people beg me to take their money and help them with their marketing… I usually turn them down, because I’d rather be working on my own projects. However, someone recently commented on Facebook that he’d been following me for years, and had no idea how I actually made my money.

I talk a lot about business, branding and sales, but those are things I do on other sites. And I’ve never been focused on making tons of money. I just want to make enough money that I never have to work for anyone else, and can always spend 100% of my time on my own creative projects.

But since this site (Creativindie) is my main hub and brand, if I want to help people reach the same goals, I need to lead by example. That means, I need to stop using this site as a place to share crazy-useful information, and start focusing on running it like a profitable business.

Now that I’m finished with my PhD and writing fiction full-time, I’m taking on fewer clients (if any!) and switching to passive income models like templates and courses. My time is valuable, so I charge much more for personal feedback and interaction, and much less for DIY options I’ve prepared that you can consume on your own timeline.

What can I do for you?

I write and publish fiction and non-fiction and make a living as a writer. I’ve also started several six-figure companies (they generate over 10K a month in revenue, but most of that goes to other people since I’m not actively doing the work). I’ve built dozens of websites and side projects, and have over a decade of experience with branding and online marketing. I’ve also gotten well over 100,000 email subscribers, though every few months I cut my list down to only the most engaged subscribers.

Let my decade of experience save you time and money. You can totally do all this stuff on your own. I did. But it took me ten years of constant effort. Do you have ten years to spare, or do you want to see results now?

Over the past few years I’ve put hundreds of hours into building templates, tutorials and resources for authors and small businesses, but at the end of the day it’s hard to do everything right, if you’re doing it for the first time. And it needs to be just right or you won’t see results. With all this competition, “pretty good” isn’t good enough.

A quote I heard somewhere that has always stuck with me is, “There’s always room at the top.” 

Most people get lost in the middle of their journey, overwhelmed by the burden of trying to figure everything out at once. But if you’re one of those few people who get it, and do everything right the first time, you’ll be above the competition and find a space where the money comes easily.


Cover design, formatting and promotion materials


Choose from these coaching options

I’ve never been a fan of coaching – I’m a natural introvert and actually avoid talking to people on the phone. Plus I don’t want to charge unless you see results. However, I also recognize that chatting with me about your book or business can be incredibly productive. Just a handful of tips could make a huge difference, and it’s much faster to just ask me questions than to go through one of my online courses.

I charge $997 for two 45 minute strategy sessions (skype or phone), assessing your market, competition analysis, branding and doing a full platform evaluation. I’ll also supply a one-page marketing plan with actionable steps to grow fast.

After you pay, I’ll get in touch to set up a time and send you more details.


Online Workshops

  • $349 Guerrilla Publishing + 21 Day Bestselling Author Platform.

I’m launching a new course soon with everything I know about writing, publishing, launching and marketing a bestselling book (and actually making a living with your writing). Early birds will also get access to my next course, and some exclusive bonuses like customized keyword research. This will also be a cheaper way to get personal feedback from me. Sign up my list to make sure you don’t miss it.


DIY Book Design Package

I’ve recently combined all my DIY book design templates into one package, and included my first course on book marketing, for 90% off. It’s a way I can help more authors for a lower price – there’s plenty of value to unpack but you’ll need to do the work yourself. Learning how to format your own books, or what kind of book cover actually sells, can be invaluable.


Ala carte

I’m thinking about offering some cheaper, done-for-you options, such as…

  • $250 competition analysis, recommended keywords and categories
  • $250 author platform review
  • $250 blurb or sales copy editing

These would be things I can do in under an hour and turn around quickly.


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