I am in a Facebook hole. This is a cry for help.

I’ve been in a Facebook hole for about an hour.

I think I’m trying to do something important. I keep copying things to my clipboard, to save them or do something with them – usually a micro task, like helping an author out or leaving a comment. But then I see something else, and click on that, and copy something else, replacing whatever I had in there the first time.

I have 30 tabs open, which isn’t unusual for me, but I can’t remember what I need them for right now, so they’re a little intimidating. The Facebook icon looks safe, familiar, easy. So I go there and start reading through my feed, and see something else, and that begins a new project.

I’m doomed.

Maybe I should just watch these funny cat videos.

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I help authors and artists turn their passions into full-time businesses, make a bigger impact, and blaze a luminous trail of creative independence. Right now I'm in Taiwan finishing a PHD in Literature, writing several books, and managing a handful of online businesses. Find me

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