How to warm up a big email list (joint author giveaways)

How to warm up a big email list:

A lot of you have been posting that you did a group giveaway and got a big email list but you’re not sure how to use it.

Most authors will send one or two emails about themselves and their free book. You’ll get much better conversion if you share some other giveaways first (they don’t have to be yours!) and more book giveaways in your genre (to filter out the people who don’t actually like your genre, but also to cement your name with the bestsellers in your genre). It’s also much easier to get them to take action – follow you on social media or sign up for your list – if they’re doing it to win books they recognize and want. Do that FIRST to transition them onto your list, so you’ve vetted them. Then build a relationship so they get to know you and offer your free book/promotion when it’s time.

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