How to use your email list to get more traffic to your site

This feels like a very dumb post to write.
But I just had an epiphany I thought I’d share.

I’ve never liked emailing my blog posts to my email lists. I figure they signed up for free stuff, not to be updated with every post. But I just realized that’s a huge mistake.

I should be sending links to my best articles to my existing list.

Because I want spikes in traffic, and I want them to share it so I can get more traffic, and also because I want to be sending them great, free content (not just promotions or sales and things).

Moreover, I should be writing huge, insanely detailed and helpful articles, especially for my email lists. Just for them. I should ask them what issues they have and write the world’s greatest post about it, with video walkthroughs and screen shots. And then I should email it to them, because I made it for them.

I kind of make content like this anyway, but I do it quietly and don’t share it much, which is kind of dumb. So I’ll try to get better about that.

If you don’t have an email list yet, then you should be making that huge helpful piece of content anyway, and then reaching out to people in your field, genre or industry and ask them to share it.

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