How to design 3D book promotion graphics with Google Slides (FREE TEMPLATES!)

I’ve been trying to find a way for authors to make better graphics for a long time – for book covers mostly, but also for book promotion graphics and 3D mockups. I’m still trying to find the *perfect* online design solution, but one thing I’m excited about is using Google Slides for design – there’s a lot of functionality, tons of fonts and colors, and it’s free and easy to use.

Just for fun, I used Google Slides to make some 3D promotional graphics authors can use for their free or 99cent deals – you don’t need any special software. Just add your book cover, change the text and download your design. Here’s what they look like (there are 21 of them though, lots of choices). The cool thing is that they look like 3D mockups, but you can actually just use your flat cover.


Click here to check out the slide deck.

Remember to make a copy before you start editing.

You might want to watch this quick video on how to use them before you start…



Here are two more samples… I made some holiday-themed graphics since it’s that time of year, but it’s easy to change the background.
3dslides1 3dslides2


>Click here to get the slides.<<


Let me know what you think in the comments. Would you like to see more templates like this? Maybe book covers for specific genres?



People are having so much fun with these slides that I decide to make another, more professional batch with 50 different slides for all types of paid and free promotion.

These ones, however, are only available in my Epic Book Design package.

Here are some of the slides.


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  • Great idea, Derek Thanks!

  • Shona Moyce

    These are gorgeous.
    P.S. Shearwater is on my Christmas list. Can’t wait.

  • This is very helpful. Thank you. 🙂

  • Courtney Hunt

    These are amazing. Thank you so very much!

  • Dean Kutzler

    I can only view, not edit them..

    • Right – you’ll need to make a copy on your own google account first, then you should be able to edit them. But let me know if not.

      • Dean Kutzler

        Got it! Thanks, Derek!

  • Sharon Mitchell

    These are great, thanks. Even with my borderline tech skills, I can edit them easily. Lovely, thank you.

  • Jasmine Silvera

    Killer! I’d never used Google Slides, but these were super easy to tweak. Thank you!

  • Mira Monroe

    Derek you rock! Thanks for sharing the tips and tricks here – love the google slide options to create a nice Ad in under 5 minutes.

  • Samantha Charlton

    Great templates, Derek – thanks so much for sharing! 😀

  • These are really amazing. Thank you for your generosity.

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  • Rick Dees


    These are incredible! Thanks again for sharing your vast reservoir of knowledge! One question: Is there a way to make the Amazon or Get It Now button a hot link?

  • Alina

    Thank you so much Derek! Much appreciated.

  • Thank you Derek! These are amazing and much appreciated. It makes things so much easier!

  • Natalina Bell

    Thank you Derek. These are awesome and such a time-saver. Very generous of you.

  • Emunah Y’srael

    Thanks Derek Awesome

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    An amazing help! Just what I was needing. Thank you Derek!

  • Thank you very much. Downloading Slides right now.

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