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Derek Murphy is a book designer with a Ph.D. in Literature. He's been featured on CNN and spoken at dozens of writing conferences around the world. These days he mostly writes young adult fantasy and science fiction, while helping authors build profitable publishing platforms. Find me
  • Derek Murphy

    I agree – although I published it because I was sad it wasn’t available in English and I’m a fan of Mircea Eliade. I also contacted the woman who claims to have the copyright and offered her any earnings from the book. I am grateful they re-opened my account, and I’ve learned my lesson.

  • Dalia Daudelin

    Just so you know, you definitely can go with Smashwords for most things but they do not distribute to Amazon. I know they say they can, but if you dig deeper you’ll find that Amazon has not approved them and hasn’t for years. You need to upload to Amazon if you want their customers.

    • Oh my! I didn’t realize that… thanks for letting me know, I’ll need to do more research.

  • Deven Joakim


    I am confronting an another issue, copyright issue. I just replicated and stuck a titile name for a book that is in review. They are sending messages cautioning about the copyright issue and instructing me to send a documentation. As i composed it myself just utilizing the web, i have no documentation to send them. If you don’t mind offer assistance. What would it be advisable for me to do now?

  • Farhan Khan

    same here what shoud i write to re open my account same email come to me of account block they say we are confident

  • Vex Vane

    You should see ones IRS sends out.

    And I agree 100%, those form copy/paste emails are unnecessarily horrifying. First one I got was from AdSense, and it was very minor issue, but it sounded like I was banned for life, when in fact it was just error in code I was copying which took 5 seconds to fix. Mail was automated.

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