Free online ISBN barcode generator for your book cover design

If you’re a book cover designer or indie author designing your own book cover, you may need to make a barcode from your ISBN. Here’s a free and simple online tool you can use to generate high-resolution, print ready barcodes for your book cover.

Step 1. Insert ISBN:


For ISBN’s only: enter the five-digit price code. “90000” is a generally applicable value, but you can change it (see below). If you’re just making an EAN-13 barcode and don’t want the UPC-5 auxiliary barcode at all, use “None”.
You probably shouldn’t do this if making an ISBN bar code for a book to be sold in the U.S. – according to Bowker, price codes are mandatory for most retailers here.

Step 2: Price:

First digit is “5” for $US
First digit is “4” for $CAN
Last four digits are price * 100(Example: for $14.99 USD, you write 51499).

If you don’t want a price, leave the default 9000 or empty the box.

Step 3: Press the Magic Button

The page will refresh and you’ll see download links to download either an EPS file or a PDF; either of which you should be able to use with most editing software….

Before using, please print and test the bar code (take it to a store and see what happens when they scan it). Only then should you add it to your book cover design.


Barcodes are provided without warranty; make sure to print and check.

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