Digital nomad hotspots of 2017 (the best places to live cheap while you’re building your business)

I’m trying to find the best places to hang out, write novels and rub shoulders with digital nomads. We’ll probably head down to Medellin soon, back to Portland for the summer, and Portugal this fall (then Asia early next year). In the meantime I want to write 10 novels.


European Hubs

Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona


Asian Hubs

Chiang Mai, Ho Chi Minh, Ubud, Canggu, Bangkok, Davao


Latin American Hubs

Medellin, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Playa del Carmen


USA Hubs

Austin, Portland, San Diego, Boulder


Location which are becoming regional Hubs

Krakow, Lisbon, Taipei

Hidden Recommended Locations

Sofia, Plovdiv, Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj Napoca, Zagreb, Split, Thessaloniki, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Malta, Haifa, Galway, Phuket


Best Value Locations

Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, Saint Peterburg, Minsk
Top Level Hubs

Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, London, Munich, New York, San Francisco


To learn more about each hub, check out the original article Trending Digital Nomad Locations, Cities and Hubs, on Become Nomad.

Trending Digital Nomad Locations, Cities and Hubs


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  • Sarah Blinco

    Nice list, so many places I want to hang out too. In London right now but South America is on the radar 🙂

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