Are you making this huge mistake with your author website? (Choosing a tagline that attracts your readers)

I made a big mistake with my author website, which I rectify in this video: I chose a “clever” tagline for my website that wasn’t clear, didn’t have any keywords, and didn’t offer my ideal readers the benefits they’re looking for.

In this video I talk about branding, keywords, search visibility, getting and keeping traffic, and making sure you’re offering your readers what they want and not just telling them how you want to be seen.

It’s simpler than you think it is: your cleverness or humor isn’t worth anything if nobody is there to see it – or if it doesn’t clearly communicate what you actually have to sell.

It’s nice to have a tagline that brands you as an author, but make sure you focus on what you offer to readers (I write X genre/books for Y readers), and you aren’t just talking about yourself.

Being found and being clear is more important than being clever.

About Derek Murphy

I help authors and artists turn their passions into full-time businesses, make a bigger impact, and blaze a luminous trail of creative independence. Right now I'm in Taiwan finishing a PHD in Literature, writing several books, and managing a handful of online businesses. Find me

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