7 ways to fix a boring book (and avoid getting stuck in the middle)

Last night I searched for how to fix a boring book, because I was stuck and frustrated. I’ve been procrastinating for weeks and just couldn’t get into the flow… which is totally normal when you’re in the middle of the book and realize you don’t have enough story to get to the end.

I was inspired by Chuck Wendig’s article, 25 ways to fight your story’s mushy middle, and spent a few hours brainstorming new stuff to put in (characters, scenes, locations, conflicts) which lead to several new scenes and chapters. Now the book I didn’t think would be so good, is going to be much better – and writing the rest quickly will be much easier now that I know where things go, and am excited about the epic scenes I’ve mapped out.

Here are 7 tips that helped me get unstuck in the middle of writing my novel, and keep the action trotting along to the end without getting boring.

  1. new character
  2. more epic locations
  3. a quest or puzzle
  4. more conflict – relationship, characters
  5. Added monsters
  6. Lose a battle badly (someone dies?) Guilt.
  7. forced to not get what she wants (sacrifice)


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