This is the problem with the Fulbright program (and probably your business)

fulbright scholarship

When I was 16 I went to Argentina as a Rotary exchange stu­dent. That was way back in 1996. We were just barely get­ting used to hav­ing per­sonal com­put­ers and email. I was a charm­ing, smart and out­go­ing teenager. I had to apply, go through sev­eral rounds of inter­view­ing and selec­tion, and then be care­fully groomed as an ambas­sador of good­will ... Read More »

Are your publishing fears valid? Yes. This is the solution.

sad girl

I got an email today from a wife help­ing her hus­band pub­lish and wor­ried about the book’s poten­tial suc­cess. Putting your book out there is scary. Spend­ing a lot of money and not earn­ing it back is a very valid fear. There are ways around it, but it’s mostly a gamble. You can mit­i­gate the risk by pro­duc­ing the book ... Read More »

How to make a million dollars


A mil­lion dol­lars is not a lot of money. It sounds big, but it can be bro­ken down. View­ing it in smaller num­bers makes it eas­ier to wrap your head around how you can gen­er­ate that amount. For exam­ple, a mil­lion dol­lars is only 1000 peo­ple giv­ing you $1000 dollars. 1000 x 1000 = 1,000,000 Let’s say you run a ser­vices ... Read More »

What to do when you completely lose your mind (an honest review of the World Domination Summit 2014)


I spent the last four days in Port­land attend­ing the World Dom­i­na­tion Sum­mit (a con­gre­ga­tion of peo­ple liv­ing remark­able lives in a con­ven­tional world). It’s my sec­ond time — imme­di­ately after the first one I attended (2013) I bought tick­ets for myself and my mother to return this year. Since I wrote a lit­tle about my expe­ri­ences last year, I ... Read More »

Why I shared a rap (despite being terrified of video).

I scouted out Tat­too par­lors today, deter­mined to get a tat­too and catch up in the Uncon­ven­tional Race (a scav­enger hunt activ­ity) but ran out of time before the Port­land Spirit Cruise. I was going to post a long, bril­liant, witty and insight­ful post about tak­ing big risks, always choos­ing to par­tic­i­pate, and why get­ting a tat­too just to win ... Read More »

10 catastrophic blogging mistakes that I’m still making (and brilliant advice from the experts on how to fix them)

problogger WDS

Recently this blog wan­dered into uncharted ter­ri­tory. I thought I knew some­thing about blog­ging from a hand­ful of ear­lier blog­ging fail­ures. I had a plan and knew a lot about how to do things the right way, some of which I’ve imple­mented into Cre­ativin­die. But because it’s not my main busi­ness or a source of rev­enue, I’ve also been kind ... Read More »

Building your hot air balloon — a metaphor for creative success

creative success

Most of the peo­ple I know who are work­ing online are sell­ing hot air. In other words, they fill peo­ple with hope, moti­va­tion and inspi­ra­tion. They get them charged up and excited. They tell them “You can do any­thing you want, if you just BELIEVE in it!” They say, “Just fol­low your pas­sion and the money will take care of itself!” There ... Read More »

What to do when your email list is worthless (bridging the gap between your hobby and your business).


I’m up to almost 10,000 signups on my email list — that’s a hefty amount, wor­thy of celebration. Except that, using MailChimp, I’m pay­ing $80 a month, or $960 a year. I only send emails once a month or so, when I’ve fin­ished some big project wor­thy of shar­ing or have a new book out. Also, so far I’ve been care­ful never ... Read More »

Unofficial WDS 2014 Schedule (plus 10 more things to do in Portland)

world domination summit schedule

This week­end Port­land will be taken over by around 3000 peo­ple lead­ing uncon­ven­tional lifestyles for the 4th annual World Dom­i­na­tion Summit. If you’re attend­ing, you may want to read my 8 Tips on Prepar­ing for WDS. The offi­cial WDS web­site has lots of infor­ma­tion about the sched­ule, activ­i­ties and meetup, but my guess is more than half of the atten­dees have ... Read More »

How to draw camels (aka — how to do something fun and creative that gets shared and helps promote your REAL projects)


Stum­bled across this fun site tonight: it’s basi­cally a book about how to draw camels:   Except, that’s not all. The author does a bunch of inter­est­ing stuff, and some impor­tant social work, in West­ern Africa. But rather than start­ing a per­sonal blog about him­self or his projects, he chose to do some­thing funny and remark­able. Some­thing that is ... Read More »