7 things about writing I learned from Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Franzen

I spent the day at the Budapest Book Fair listening to Jonathan Franzen talk about birds and writing, and making jokes that nobody laughed at because they were waiting for the translation to come through their headphones. I jotted down a few pearls of wisdom that should be useful to writers everywhere. #1. Writing is an experience, not a performance This ... Read More »

How to use free giveaways to grow your list and sell a ton of books (it’s not what you think!)

free books giveaway

You may have heard of the idea of giving away free books. Yes, it works wonders if done correctly: you can giveaway a book for a short time and get lots of downloads – it’s a great way to gain new readers. You can offer one book (usually in a series) “permafree” to entice readers and get them hooked, and ... Read More »

Representing Indie Authors at the 2015 London Book Fair

indie authors at london book fair

This isn’t my first book conference, but I’m definitely an outsider here. The London Book Fair is the first book fair I’ve been to that’s firmly for publishing professionals. As a concession to the self-publishing authors who have won themselves a piece of the publishing pie, the London Book Fair has provided a whole corner for indie authors to share ... Read More »

7 foolproof design tips to crush your book cover design

book cover design experts

I was chatting with friends at the London Book Fair when one of them reminded me of a presentation on book cover design; which I felt duty bound to attend. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much, since I consider the cover design strategies I recommend for indie authors to be avant garde and not mainstream. But Damien Horner (@Damienhorner) delivered a 5 minute ... Read More »

A serialized fiction growth-hacking technique for fiction writers

Most book marketing tips and strategies are for non-fiction authors. When publishing experts are asked, “well what about fiction writers,” the answer is usually, “um, I don’t have experience with that, but it should work too.” Here’s how to sell books: build a platform and an email list. BUT HOW?! Usually by giving away a lot of free stuff or some ... Read More »

The truth about “location independent” digital nomads

digital nomad

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I was living abroad 10 years before “The 4-Hour Workweek” came out. Back then, I was strange and unusual. People asked, “But why would you live abroad?” I did my Junior year of high school at an art school in Argentina, in Spanish. Then I moved to Malta to study philosophy (instead of going ... Read More »