Writing contests (2016) – win a free writer’s retreat!

writing contest writers retreat

For the past 10 years I’ve been helping writers publish and promote their books. While I’m slowing down on client work and making myself less available, to focus on my own writing, I’m still devoted to supporting writers in any way possible. One of the things I’m most excited about is organizing my own writing retreats. While most writing retreats ... Read More »

61 brilliant publishing tips from industry insiders on how to write, publish and promote your book.

Businessman Midair in a Business Meeting --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

A few years ago I published a book called Write, Format, Publish, Promote. It’s a little outdated, so I just went through and fixed it up a bit – I’m going to make it permafree, to get lots of downloads and widen my funnel (free books are a great way to reach your target audience). When I published that book, I ... Read More »

How to get more followers and retweets on Twitter (while marketing your book)

This is a very short post – mostly making a note to myself so I can use it later. I’m usually against “book promotion” on Twitter, instead I focus on connecting and providing value, sharing my blog posts but not usually selling my book or doing promotion. BUT Megan Crewe pointed out that “RT&F” (retweet and follow) giveaways work well, ... Read More »

How to grow blog traffic quickly with content distribution and the help of a great VA / personal assistant

how to find a personal assistant

Recently on Facebook some virtual assistants (VAs) and personal assistants (PAs) were asking about how to get more work, or what they could do to grow their business. I’ve also talked a lot about using VAs, and have one right now, though I usually haven’t been good about having a clear strategy of things to do that will actually help ... Read More »

“Reach Your Readers” – a masterclass in visibility for authors (80% off, this weekend only).


>The course is FULL already. < I’ve been working on Reach Your Readers – my first online course – for about a year. That doesn’t include the year I spent overcoming my terror of being on camera. But I had to learn a bunch of software, figure out which platform to use (I went with Teachable), and learn a whole bunch ... Read More »

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